Saturday, May 30, 2015

welcome to books unlocked!

about us
books unlocked is comprised of two best friends, Liz and Laura, who both love to read. More importantly, they both love to talk about what they've read and tell people about which books are must reads and which books are not worth it. Head over to our about us page to learn a little more about each of us. 

about the blog
books unlocked is first and foremost a book review blog. Liz and Laura are both very opinionated people, and sharing their opinion about books is something they both enjoy. However, they hope to grow the blog to include giveaways and other fun things, so stay tuned. You can expect to primarily see reviews of young adult novels (they're our favorites), but also mysteries, biographies, nonfiction, and more. We're also open to suggestions, so contact us with requests!

We are so excited to start this blog and thanks for reading! Please subscribe below so you don't miss a post; reviews will start soon! 

Liz & Laura