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is a Texan through and through. Born and raised in Austin, TX, she currently resides there with her younger sister, her dog, Tabi, and lots of birds her mother owns. Even though she's a reality tv junkie, books have always been her first love. She loves young adult and romance novels, with special interests in period books, and books that take place in Italy. You can usually find her snuggling with her newborn nephew or pestering Liz to come visit.

is a full time law school student with a full time television and book addiction. She was born and
raised in Indianapolis, IN, and now lives in Minnesota with her somewhat-adorable husband and her definitely-adorable cat, Cessa. Liz loves young adult, mysteries, and biographies. You can expect to also see reviews of law school books (ugh) and random nonfiction books about topics that interest her.

we decided to start a blog when our best-friendship became long distance. United by similar taste in books, a penchant for laughing at all the wrong times, and a mutual love of coffee, we met when we attended college together at Xavier University (go Muskies). We quickly became friends and hilarity, multiple cross-country road trips, and lots of fun ensued.

Check out our Goodreads profiles and make sure to friend us to keep up to date with our progress as we read!

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